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Saul High School Locker Painting Fundraiser

Updated: Jun 3

Update: Thanks to all of you that have generously donated. The Home and School and the Alumni Association has raised $8,000 total for the campaign. The lockers will be painted over the 2021 Summer!

Won't you help Saul High School repaint the school academic building lockers? We are hoping that the lockers will be spruced up when the students are allowed to return for the 2021-2022 school year. A popcorn sale, orchestrated by the Saul High School Home and School Association is hoping to raise $12,000 needed for repainting the lockers. Albeit, this is an expensive, but it needs to be done by professionals. The popcorn sale will run for 21 days and starts March 22, 2021.

The link is https://poppinpopcornonline.com/store/store.php?sID=SAHLMY.

Additionally, a tax exempt donation can be made to https://www.wbsaulalumni.com/donate. In the comment section please add locker painting fundraiser.

In this video are a few photos of the lockers. Sally Bowman '67 and Lori Hayes '78 walk down the halls as they reminisce about old times. They were both guest speakers at the 2018 Philadelphia FFA chapter banquet.

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