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                 South Jersey Florist
                    191 S. New York  Rd.
                        Absecon, NJ 08205
                        Leonard Kantz '79'

          Danielle Colella O'Brien '80'

             Golden Holsteins (SPONSOR)

                          Mohrsville, PA

                         Isaiah Ayala'09'


                 Square Key  Farm (SPONSOR)

                                   162 Perkintown Rd

                    Pedricktown, New Jersey

                               Ed Hall Jr '73'

Andre Shannon '89
Skin and Nutritional Products.
The company name is from what customers say ..."it works".
Contact me - 267-746-1867
Email me - 

                           Danelle Cooper '90'


               Life & Health Insurance, Long Term    

            Care, Retirement & Education Plans



                       Jack Plunkett '74'

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