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Class Ring Reunited

Nineteen years ago while at Penn State, Joe Ward lost his Saul High School class of 2002 ring. He never thought he would see it again. Fast forward to 2022 when a good Samaritan, Joseph who lived in Carlisle PA contacted the WB SAUL ALUMNI Facebook group. In his message, he said he had in his possession a 2002 class ring with the name Joe on it. With a little investigating with the 2002 yearbook, it was found that there was only on Joe in the class. Within minutes, Joe confirmed that he indeed did lose his class ring. After verifying the description of the ring and it's inscription, the ring was mailed back to Joe Ward. This year Joe is celebrating his 20th anniversary of high school graduation. We are so happy for you Joe!

Joe Ward, " I am truly blessed to have this back in my possession. Thank you to Barbara and the couple that found it."

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