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  • Gail Koskela and Barbara L. Strain

New Sheep Barn at Saul High School

Yes, you read correctly. Saul High School will be getting a brand new sheep barn which will replace the 40 year old structure, we jokingly call the 'Sheep Shack'. Plans for groundbreaking will be this summer.

A properly enclosed building will reduce deaths during lambing due to harsh winter weather.The redesigned building will reduce or eliminate the storm water issues existing at the “old shack”. The redesigned building will allow for better animal health since rain water will no longer be running through the roof and the pens.

Also equipment can be used to clean the pens, which was not possible in the “old shack”. Restroom facilities and student boot storage will improve student hygiene, medical storage with proper climate controls, and feed storage able to limit pest access will reduce waste and save money. Moving the location of these activities to the higher flatter location will improve water control issues and the redesigned barn will drastically improve the health and well being of the animals being cared for by the students of Saul High School.

The ability to move our production and animal care into this century will help us train students on animal care, hygiene and health procedures in a manner consistent with the industries best practices.

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