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  • Barbara L. Strain

Saul at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Anasazi Vargas-Laborde, a WB Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences senior, takes the viewer on a brief tour of Saul's exhibit at the 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show.

W.B.Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences Philadelphia, PA.

Sustainability depicts an urban residence that is beautiful as well as sustainable. Features of this landscape include the use of rain water collected in downspouts and rain barrel for plant irrigation and fountain sculptures. Solar panels are incorporated into a green roof gazebo and many novel planters are made from recycled materials. Diverse plants are displayed in many micro-environments of this landscape from its rain gardens and hydroponic planters to its exposed roof surface.

Awards: The American Horticultural Society Environmental Award, PHS Sustainability Award, PHS Silver Medal

Recorded at The Philadelphia Convention Center March 10, 2018 by WB SAUL ALUMNI.

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