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  • Barbara L. Strain

W.B. Saul High School welcomes a new van!

Saul High School offers opportunities to students to participate in year round Agriculture related activities and competitions. These activities lead to the development of individuals that are not afraid to take on a challenge and to be successful in their endeavors. The Philadelphia Flower Show, Leadership Conferences, Judging contests at Del Val and Keystone International Livestock Expo, and Penn State University Summer Convention are a few undertakings that Saul students get to experience.

Reliable vans are needed to transport students and their instructors to these events. We were fortunate to make contact with, a representative at MidAtlantic Farm Credit this past summer. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect.They expressed an interest in wanting to help Saul High School and wanted to be a sponsor for our alumni association.

A huge thank you to MidAtlantic Farm Credit for letting WB SAUL ALUMNI achieve their goal to help Saul High School. A heartfelt thank you to MAFC for their generous donation to WB SAUL ALUMNI. This allowed the alumni association to purchase a new 2017 Ford Transit 10 passenger van for Saul High School. The van will be used to transport Saul students to numerous Agriculture related events.

With the combined sponsorship, together, we are driving the future of agriculture forward!

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