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  • Lora Gray McMeans and Barbara Strain

Impact Day! The Barn Gets Paint!

On May 5, a group of 45 employees from the New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction commercial organizations, volunteered at W.B. Saul High School for an Impact Day event. The event was organized by Scott Sheely, Department of Agriculture and Barbara Strain, WB SAUL ALUMNI president.

These fabulous volunteers, helped out with a number of tasks including the painting of the inside of the school’s dairy barn, which was sorely needed!

They also used their carpentry skills and made screen windows for the barn. This helps immensely with allowing the windows to kept open, while also limiting birds from entering the barn.

Some even tacked some landscaping in the rainy weather.

Brave volunteers weathered the rainy day  and did some landscaping

As if taking on the huge task of painting the dairy barn wasn't enough, the volunteers also painted the Aquaponics classrooms.

Wow! Talk about Impact!

The cost of the paint for the barn was purchased with funds from our very own Alumni association! See what your donations can do? A big shout out to Sheboygan paint company who gave us a very discounted rate!

Adding to this day of Impact, Penn Fabrication delivered the paint to us, as well as donating primer paint.

It was a joint effort by all. The barn and classroom looks 100% better.

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