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  • Barbara Strain

Donation Buys Cow Portable Fencing

Shout out to Sandy Dempsey... our new "cow angel".

What did she do? Sandy is a Saul supporter who generously donated funds in order to purchase fencing to the cow pasture. Why did she do this? Sandy just loves cows and wants to make Saul cows more comfortable in a natural environment. The portable fencing ensures the safety of the dairy cows to and from the pasture. The cows now can be directed by one or two farmers, compared to numerous persons needed previously.

The new mats were also purchased with the allocated funds. Concrete can be slippery when wet and the back entrance to the barn is sloped. The rubber mats aids in directing and safely handling large farm animals.

Now the cows can enjoy the outdoors more frequently. We fondly call them the Sandy Gates.

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