Academic Building Locker Fund


   Join our Alumni fundraising campaign to have lockers professionally painted!



Hello All! We are very happy to announce a new project that needs your support! It's our goal to raise funds to have the academic building school lockers repainted. This is a special painting process that requires a professional touch.


The Alumni Association is reaching out to its alumni supporters, as well as friends of Saul in business, the community, and the public sector for the funding.

Alexa Dunn, incoming Saul High School principal, has reached out to Saul's Alumni Association. The academic buildings school lockers are 50-60 years old. Ms. Dunn's thoughts are, if we improve the school's environment, the students will have more school pride, thus improving learning. As alumni, we wholeheartedly agree! 


This is the largest alumni fund raiser to date. The more money we raise, the more lockers we can get painted. This is best done while the students are out on summer break. This is a great give back project for Saul's alums and/or a class gift.

Thanks to those that donated!


Special instructions: Painting lockers